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Mixer Chat Commands

New ones get added sometimes so check back regularly.

!schedule - Shows you my normal streaming schedule.

!rules - Shows the channel rules.

!quote - Picks a random hilarious (and usually out of context) quote that my mods have grabbed from past streams and shows it in chat.

!clips - Shows you how to trigger a 30 second clip capture. See previous clips right here.

!parabucks - Shows how many Parabucks you have. You get them just by hanging out!

!buygames - Shows you info on my affiliate links which you can use to support the channel when you buy games.

!lurk - Tells chat that you've stepped away from the keyboard.

!unlurk - Tells chat that you've returned to your keyboard.

!lastvod - Gives you a link to my most recent VoD.

!uptime - Shows how long the current stream has been running for.

!followage - Shows how long you've been following my channel.

!joined - Shows when you joined Mixer.

!sparks - Shows how many Mixer Sparks you have accumulated.

!level - Shows your account level on Mixer.

!games - Lists out all the different chat games to gamble your Parabucks with your fellow viewers.

!dadjoke - Tells a random Dad Joke. I am not responsible for any groan induced injuries.

!gamerscore <GAMERTAG> - Shows the Xbox GamerScore of the specified GamerTag.

!el - Shows you info on how to donate to my Extra Life campaign.

!youtube - Shows you info on my YouTube channel.

!twitter - Shows you info on my Twitter.

!discord - Shows you info on my Discord community. Everyone's welcome!